Trees, Sunlight and Skylight

Trees, hedges, buildings and topography can all have negative or positive effects on the levels of sunlight or skylight external to, or within buildings. Local Planning Authorities are now actively encouraged by the NPPF to demand demonstration of compliance with all relevant parts of; BRE209; BS5837; BS8206-2; and ODPM High Hedges & Light Loss, as conditions of planning permission.
Aspect Tree Consultancy employs in house specialists in this subject offering at least 7 different levels of survey, calculation and report – to suit every type of project and problem (from single dwellings to district Masterplans). Results can be presented in a range of formats – from simple plans and graphs up to 3D animations in real time. These will demonstrate the issues, provide arboricultural justification and inform building design solutions.
If you feel (or know) that trees, sunlight, skylight, shadow or shade are an issue for your land property or development, contact us and we will tailor our service to your needs and solve the problem.