Effective Tree Constraints & BS 5837

The successful retention of trees in the development process starts with understanding the strengths & weaknesses of existing site features. Designing layouts around existing trees, hedges & woodlands, can be challenging for the most imaginative of us, so it is crucial to fully appreciate the constraints posed both now and in the future……..after all the trees are growing!

We’ve been working hard to deliver clear and effective tree constraints information. By improving and simplifying the process we are communicating key arboricultural issues as early as possible – and that’s where we are really seeing our work start to make a difference.

The main aim is getting ‘the right tree in the right place’, and where this is done well there are significant economic, social and environmental benefits. Good design can incorporate existing trees as long as the constraints are fully understood and integrated. The bigger and bolder the trees, the better the rewards.BLOG me - DesignTeam