Local Authority Tree Management Services

Aspect can provide an objective overview of protected tree systems and delegated powers. This allows Tree Officers or Local Authority staff to streamline systems, improve 8 week application figures and identify where resources are best allocated. In turn, this can aid budget bids and identify weaknesses in the system. The validity and accuracy of Tree Preservation Orders can be appraised statistically by sample as part of a desk based assessment leading to a review programme for updating orders, devised to suit budgetary constraints. We offer help and advice on any stage of the process and can provide advice on strategic overviews or for any individual stage.

Council Owned Trees
We offer a strategic overview of the management of Council owned trees to promote best practice and an efficient use of budgets. This includes working with clients to define Tree Policies and compile Tree Strategy documents, to include:

  • Managing tree-related risk
  • Inspection prioritisation
  • Survey programmes – priority sites and high use areas
  • Replacement planting programmes, establishment and aftercare monitoring
  • Planting and management strategies