Seminars and Training

Aspect periodically delivers CPD training events and seminars on a number of key topics.


Trees and the Planning Process
This presentation offers a valuable insight into how trees are assessed by Local Planning Authorities and how to best plan for sites with trees; providing design advice, an understanding of why and how trees are such an important constraint to development and how best to deal with that constraint. The talk includes worked examples and some of the pitfalls to watch out for.

Trees – Asset or Liability?
This seminar covers Tree Management & Risk Assessment and looks at current best practice and recent case law to give tree owners and managers a realistic overview for managing trees near areas of public access. The seminar provides the principles and understanding for simple and cost effective tree risk management and outlines a method for landowners, duty holders and agents to ensure they manage their liability confidently and effectively.

The Right Tree in the Right Place
This seminar covers the often overlooked issue of designing new tree planting schemes. Hosted by Dominic the session covers all aspects of design, site assessment, species selection etc. to ensure that your planting schemes are sustainable and of maximum value. The talk includes worked examples and some of the pitfalls to watch out for.

Tree Work Specifications
Increasingly LPAs require a professional level of detail to accompany TPO tree work applications. This seminar provides a valuable insight into the protected tree system and identifies ways of clearly specifying works that provides tree surgeons with a clear idea of what they need to do in the tree. This is suitable for all those carrying out, specifying and pricing tree surgery work.

 Training Events

Engineering Arboriculture
This planning-related session is run in-house and offers attendees the benefit of our industry based knowledge and experience in design, construction and management. The challenges of integrating trees into the built environment are discussed alongside the constraints posed by other professional disciplines such as architects, planners, services and highways engineers. Through the day we will equip you with the skills required to communicate and negotiate with other professionals, to challenge elements of design & construction you maybe take for granted, and to give you the confidence to present your work on a level playing field.

Trees, Sunlight and Skylight
Local Planning Authorities are now actively encouraged by the NPPF to demand demonstration of compliance with all relevant parts of: BRE209; BS5837; BS8206-2; and ODPM High Hedges. This session will help you understand and communicate the issues to clients, give you the confidence to provide arboricultural justification to inform building design.