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Tree Safety Management & Tree Risk Assessment

Balanced, reasonable & proportionate tree management

Trees are large dynamic organisms which confer many benefits to society as a whole and are an important resource which require responsible management. Landowners are legally responsible for the trees that they own and most health & safety legislation and practice looks to the statutory duty holder to ensure compliance. However, the management of trees need not be difficult, onerous, or excessively expensive. There are various elements to assessing and managing the ‘safety’ of trees.

Strategic Overviews

As each client has different needs, a flexible approach is offered, in order to find the solution that best meets individual requirements. The risk management systems used by the Aspect team provide tree owners with a sensible, affordable, and straightforward appraisal of their trees, aimed at satisfying their duty of care as a tree owner. 

Tree Survey & Risk Assessment

Nationally recognised tree risk assessment systems are used, which are appropriate for a range of clients – from householders to large organizations. These systems provide an appraisal of trees in relation to the use of the site. The survey identifies the general condition of the trees, the levels of risk present and specifies which trees require a more detailed, or more frequent inspection, thereby offering a cost-effective and pragmatic approach.

Surveyors are Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) licensed users, and also trained in the VALID tree risk management system.

Detailed Tree Inspections

On occasion, more detailed inspections of trees are required to assess their structural condition and overall health. This may include – aerial inspection, decay mapping and disease identification/analysis.

The following specialist equipment is available for assessing the stability of trees if decay is present:

i) Sonic tomography

ii) Decay detection micro-drilling

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