Tree Safety Management & Tree Risk Assessment

Trees are large dynamic organisms which confer many benefits to society as a whole and they are an important resource which require responsible management.  Landowners are legally responsible for the trees that they own, however, the management of trees should not be difficult, onerous or excessively expensive.  There are various elements to assessing and managing the ‘safety’ of trees. Much health and safety legislation and practice focuses on the statutory duty holder being responsible for things either being done right or being put right.

Balanced, reasonable & proportionate tree management
Our focus should be the overall improvement of tree populations; spending money on planting and formative pruning rather than on assessing low risks in unnecessary detail. There are very few instances where detailed survey, assessment and inventory of tree populations is justified – trees in low use areas may not require assessment at all.
We understand that each client will have individual needs and we therefore have a flexible approach to selling our services in this sector.  Our risk management systems provide tree owners with a sensible, affordable and straightforward appraisal of their trees aimed at satisfying the duty holder’s responsibility.  Some key questions to consider with regards to the duty holder are:
•    who is the duty holder, as an organisation or as an individual?
•    what, in particular, are they responsible for?
•    who is owed the responsibility?

Strategic Overviews
If you own or manage large numbers of trees then we can provide an overview of your risk and liability. This allows the most efficient use of resources, focusing on which trees need inspecting on what frequency. Inspections and surveys can be tailored to suit budgets and to ensure money is spent where it is needed most. Aspect has a proven track record providing Tree Policy & Strategy documents for tree owners across the UK.

Tree Survey & Risk Assessment
This service is aimed at a range of clients, from householders to large organizations and provides an appraisal of trees in relation to the use of the site. The survey identifies the general condition of trees, the levels of risk present and which trees require a more detailed or more frequent inspection – offering a cost effective and sensible approach.

Detailed Tree Inspections
We can also provide detailed inspections of trees to assess the structural condition and overall health. This may include, aerial inspection, probing, decay mapping, disease identification and analysis.
All of our tree inspectors, surveyors and risk assessors are Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) trained and licensed users.